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Construction Services in Durango

Franklin Drilling & Blasting in Durango is a construction company with experience working in the Federal, State, commercial settings, and residential projects. We offer a range of services to prepare your site safely and thoroughly. Read through our heavy and light civil services below, and be sure to give us a call to get started today!


drilling services

Our drilling services are ideal for deep foundation and other underground elements within your construction site. We use only the best drilling machinery and tools in order to provide you with the strength your building requires.



We provide precise, comprehensive blasting services to facilitate your construction site and make way for your future project. Our team ensures an organized and safe blasting process that will blast away the unwanted materials and give you the area you need to complete the job.

Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization services include retaining soil to fit your construction needs. We are available to install devices into the ground in order to stabilize and retain materials on one side while the other side is excavated for construction purposes.  Either temporary or Permanent designs are available.



Micropiles are engineered structures drilled alongside or into the building foundation for structural support. We are available to design and install the micropile for the stabilization project you are working with.

Seismograph Monitoring


Our seismograph monitoring is to ensure your blasting or mechanical excavation goes as smoothly as possible. We can closely monitor delicate structures such as historical buildings or areas of concern. If vibration is a concern, we will make sure everything is monitored, recorded and handled properly.

Rock Fall Protection

rock fall on road

Rock fall protection ensures the road, drivers, pedestrians, and other structures are safe from falling rocks. We install mesh above highways to serve as a durable barrier from falling rocks. This is a crucial highway service especially for rocky areas in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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